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Hiram Bingham's Granddaughter makes first visit to Peru


Marian Bingham, the 71-year old granddaughter of the famous senator from Connecticut who put Machu Picchu on the map was just recently in Peru for the first time and spoke with a journalist from El Comercio.  When asked about her grandfather and the impact that Machu Picchu had on his life, she answered that it had really changed him and took him from the peaceful academic life and "turned him into a citizen of the world."

Although Hiram Bingham was not a trained archaeologist, Marian says that he made his first trip to South America in 1905 and kept such excellent records of his findings that National Geographic decided to sponsor his trip in 1911.  It was on this journey that he met up with a farmer who led him to Machu Picchu.  The rest is history.  When asked what she thought Hiram Bingham would think of Machu Picchu today, Marian said she thought that he would be happy to see the beautiful way it has been conserved.  "It is fantastic that Peru can continue working and finding its archaeological remains."