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Luxury Travel with Panorama Perú

Since its foundation in 1968, Panorama Perú is renowned as one of the finest Peruvian luxury travel providers, offering exceptional journeys to superb destinations. With Panorama Perú you will experience deluxe hotels and services to satisfy exacting visitors with the most refined tastes.

We combine comfort and authenticity delivering handcrafted itineraries to famed Peruvian landmarks and to lesser known destinations, designed by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Our suggested luxury stays in Peru include places away from crowded tourist routes, with comfort in every detail, stays at exclusive and elegant properties, including:


  • Visits to private museums and to recently opened archaeological discoveries
  • Lectures by scholars and curators of museums and archaeological sites
  • Meals at emblematic residences and villas from 17th to 20th Century, many of them still inhabited by the descendants of their founders
  • Luxury train transportation
  • Deluxe Inca Trail hikes
  • Luxury cruises in the Amazon River
  • Deluxe expeditions to remote and magic destinations.

All of our luxury tours are tailor made and designed to fit best our visitors' interests. We will be glad to present you a proposal; you only need to send us a short message or call indicating your clients' preferences. We will be back to you within 24 hours.